Advanced Manufacturing Licensing Opportunities

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

A thriving manufacturing sector is vital to the nation’s economic health and global security, yet few companies possess the research and development capacity essential to staying competitive. ORNL draws upon unmatched capabilities in the materials, neutron, and computational sciences to develop innovative manufacturing technologies, helping large and small companies alike. These efforts deliver solutions that drive US economic competitiveness and energy productivity. ORNL scientists are leading the way in advanced manufacturing by inventing new technologies that enable companies to become market leaders and produce competitively priced, high-quality products. The combination of expertise and capabilities at ORNL is resulting in broad-based field-of-use innovations across numerous industries. In many instances, these innovations spring from collaboration with industry looking to address technical challenges and capitalize on market opportunities.

ORNL capabilities and expertise in advanced manufacturing have resulted in innovation in areas such as:

Many of ORNL innovations are available for licensing, and opportunities exist for collaborative research and development.

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